After a phase in western history when a dominant
assumption was that spiritual influence was in
decline, we find ourselves launched into what
Richard John Neuhaus in 1997 prophetically
referred to as ‘the approaching century of
The Institute for Spiritual Awareness exists to
advance Christian religion by addressing spiritual
illiteracy, and promoting understanding of
differences between monotheistic religions.
ISA provides expert resources to raise
awareness of the spiritual motivations which
influence human behaviour, especially those
deriving from monotheistic religions.
Activities of ISA include education, training,
research and advocacy, through private and
public media, on topics such as:

  • Public Policy
  • Religious Conflict
  • Security and Terrorism
  • Christian Mission
  • Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech and
  • Human Rights
  • Comparative Theology

The Director of ISA is Mark Durie

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